Peninsular India has a very long coastline and plenty of inland water bodies, which harbours rich marine and freshwater algal diversity. It provides the greatest opportunity study of biodiversity, ecology and its applications in various fields.

Currently we are focusing and carrying out research in the area of:

Freshwater Diatom Flora of Tamil Nadu

Studies on the freshwater diatom flora of Tamil Nadu has been initiated and is under progress.

Taxonomy of Marine and Fresh Water Algae

Studies on the Diversity of Freshwater and Marine algal flora of Tamil Nadu has been initiated.

Water Quality Assessment

Studies on Water Pollution and Water Quality Assessment using freshwater Diatoms as a Pollutions Indicator has been carried out in several districts of Tamil Nadu.

Biodegradation of Environmental Pollutants

Biodegradation pathway of phthalate esters (DBP, DPP, DEP and DMP) was carried out using different strains of freshwater algae.

Isolation & Purification of Bioactive Compounds from Algae

The bioactive compounds from microalgae have been investigated for antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities

Phycosynthesis of Nanoparticle

Studies on the synthesis of Silver and Gold nanoparticles using various marine and freshwater algae have been carried out to evaluate the potential role of microalgae in Pharmaceuticals.