Tricleocarpa fragilis (Linnaeus) Huisman & R.A.Townsend 1993

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Rhodophyceae
Order     Nemaliales
Family    Galaxauraceae
Basionym     Eschara fragilis Linnaeus
SynonymTubularia fragilis (Linnaeus) Linnaeus; Corallina tubulosaPallas; Corallina oblongata Ellis & Solander; Tubularia dichotoma Esper; Tubularia tublosa (Pallas) Esper; Galaxaura oblongata (Ellis & Solander) Lamouroux; Dichotomaria fragilis Lamarck; Dichotomaria oblongata (Ellis & Solander) Lamarck; Galaxaura fragilis (Lamarck) Lamouroux; Galaxaura schimperi Decaisne; Alysium oblongatum (Ellis & Solander) Kützing; Galaxaura adriatica Zanardini; Galaxaura obtusata var. oblongata (Ellis & Solander) Agardh; Galaxaura dactyliophora Piccone & Grunow; Galaxaura stellifera Agardh; Galaxaura pilifera Kjellman; Galaxaura constipata Kjellman; Galaxaura dimorpha Kjellman; Galaxaura eburnea Kjellman; Galaxaura vietnamensis Dawson; Tricleocarpa oblongata (Ellis & Solander) Huisman & Borowitzka

    Thallus lightly calcified grows up to 10 cm in height, subdichotomously branched, with branching intervals 0.4–1.1 cm long; branches were terete, glabrous, 1.1–2.0 mm in diameter. The cortex was composed of 3-4 layers, innermost cells were inflated and colorless, 16–23 long 20–26 μm broad, grading to pigmented outermost cortical cells of 6–15 μm in diameter.


Lithophytic, occurs in the intertidal to subtidal zone.

Distribution in India

Andaman & Nicobar Islands; Andhra Pradesh; Gujarat; Lakshadweep Islands; Tamil Nadu (Rao and Gupta, 2015).