Scinaia fascicularis (Børgesen) Huisman 1985

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Rhodophyceae
Order     Nemaliales
Family    Scinaiaceae
Basionym     Gloiophloea fascicularis Børgesen 1934
SynonymPseudogloiophloea fascicularis (Børgesen) Desikachary & Singh 1958

    Thalli dark pinkish red in colour, up to 17 cm height, cartilaginous with small discodal holdfast. Thallus dichotomously branched, slender, cylindrical, unconstricted. Thalli 210-240 μm wide, cortex measures 65-85 μm thick, the outer cortex 55 μm thick, with anticlinal moniliform rows of cells enclosing pyriform or ellipsoidal utricles measure 30-38 μm long and 14-19 μm broad; broadly rounded at the upper ends, in surface view appearing as hyaline areas surrounded by numerous coloured cells. Inner cortex not well developed, composed of loosely woven thin corticating filaments.


Lithophytic, occurs in lower mid littoral zone and infra littoral fringe.

Distribution in India

Gujarat; Goa; Chinna muttam, Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu) (Silva & al. 1996, Sahoo et al. 2001, Rao & Gupta 2015).