Sarconema scinaioides Børgesen 1934

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Gigartinales
Family    Gigartinales

    Thallus caespitose, terete, repeatedly and regularly branched in a dichotomous fashion 14 cm or more in height; lower portions of axes about 1- 1.5mm in diameter, median portions about 2mm in width, the terminal portions gradually tapering to rather acute tips. In transverse section showing a thick cuticle covering an epidermal layer of small uniform cells, the cortex clearly differentiated into an outer and inner region; cells of the former small and oblong, about 12 μm in diameter, passing evenly into a colourless parenchymatous inner cortex with cells having an average diameter of 50-60 μm. The medullary filaments together form a rather thick central strand, about 330 μm in width and composed of numerous thick- walled individual filaments, 10 15 μm in diameter.


Lithophytic, occurs on Intertidal rocks and coralline stones.

Distribution in India

Tamil Nadu (Untawale et al., 1983); different parts of Indian Coast (Silva et al., 1996).