Sarconema filiforme (Sonder) Kylin 1932

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Gigartinales
Family    Solieriaceae
Basionym     Dicranema filiforme Sonder
SynonymCystoclonium filiforme (Sonder) Kützing; Plocaria furcellata Montagne; Solieria indica J.Agardh; Sarconema furcellatum Zanardini; Gracilaria furcellata (Montagne) Zanardini; Trematocarpus furcellatus (Montagne) Kützing; Dicranema setaceum Sonder; Dicranema montagnei Grunow; Dicranema setaceum var. upolensis Grunow; Dicranema furcellatum (Montagne) J.Agardh; Sarconema indicum (J.Agardh) Kylin; Sarconema montagnei (Grunow) Kylin; Sarconema furcatum Børgesen; Sarconema filforme f. curtum T. Rayss; Sarconema filiforme f. gracillimum T. Rayss

    Thalli purplish red colour, erect, upto 25cm height and 0.5-1.5 mm in breadth; several fronds arise from discoidal holdfast, 2–6 mm diameter. Thallus solid, terete, regularly dichotomous to sub-dichotomously branched, dense, broad, intricate tufts. Branches gradually narrowing towards the apex. Thalli multiaxial and linear, in cross section, a peripheral layer of densely placed rectangular or columella cells, 9-13µm length and 4-6µm breadth; cortex consists of 4-7 layers with ovoid to roundish-polygonal cells, 26–86 µm diameter, medulla composed of densely packed, thick-walled cells about 10-18µm broad.

    Tetrasporangia scattered on the surface, developing as unicellular laterals of young cortical filaments; sporangia zonate measuring 32-55µm long and 14-26µm broad.