Jania spectabilis (Harvey ex Grunow) J.H.Kim, Guiry & H.-G.Choi 2007

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Corallinales
Family    Corallinaceae
Basionym     Cheilosporum spectabile Harvey ex Grunow

    Thallus dense, delicate, calcified and pink to purple in colour, 2 – 3.5 cm in high. Thallus made of calcified wing-like intergenicula; it compressed with prominent midrib; terminal segments acute at the apex; branching regularly dichotomous; cortical cells ovate, 5-13µm broad; genicula, 90-110μm long, 180-210μm in diameter. Intergenicula measures 420-530µm long and 0.5-2.3 mm in diameter, consists of 5-6 layers of medullary cells and 1-3 layers of cortical cells. Interlaced intergenicular filaments forming as equal length tiers, 30-45 μm long, 8-10μm in diameter. Reproductive structures are not recorded.

Distribution in India

Bombay, Bandra (Boergesen, 1935); Karwar (Boergesen, 1938a); Ratnagiri, Malvan (leg. Balakrishnan); Tiruchendur (Krishnamurthy, 1980), Mandapam, Idinthakari, Cape Comorin (leg. Krishnamurthy).