Halymenia venusta Børgesen 1932

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Halymeniales
Family    Halymeniaceae

    Thalli erect, up to 30 cm high, light rose red, tough and elastic in consistency with a slightly lubricous surface. The basal attachment disc is small; the single erect frond with a short cuneate stipe about 1 cm long. expanding into the broad lamina; blade variable in shape, up to 20 cm wide, sub-entire or divided into several lobes; margin and surface of blade densely proliferous, proliferations variable size, up to several centimeters long and often repeatedly divided, narrow, rarely exceeding 5mm in width, with sharply acute apices. Thalli about 500µm thick; medulla loose, composed of irregularly twisted transverse filaments intermingled with stellate cells and rhizoids; cortex 50-60µm wide, compact, the cells showing slight anticlinal arrangement, inner cells large and somewhat irregular, peripheral cells oblong round, 1x 5-7 µm. Cystocarps scattered, subspherical, 175-250 µm diameter.



Distribution in India

Kottai pattinam, Bharathi nagar, Ervadi, Sadaimuniyan valasai, Mannapad, Vattakottai, Manali island, Mulli island, Valai island, Appa island, Anaipar island and Koswari, Tamil Nadu; Dwarka, Gujarat