Grateloupia lithophila Børgesen 1938

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Halymeniales
Family    Halymeniaceae

    Thalli firm, gelatinous, brownish olivaceous to violet in colour and grows up to 15 cm high. Thallus attached by a small basal disc; erect fronds caesiptose, 0.3-1.2 cm broad, simple or rarely divided and tapering from the middle to both ends, the apices obtuse. Thallus 190-280 µm thick; medullary filaments 4-8 µm broad, stellate cells 12-17 µm in diameter and with arms 40-65 µm long. Inner cortical cells loosely arranged, irregular, 8-14 µm long and 3-9 µm broad; outer cortex compact consists of smaller, rounded cells, 5-8 µm long and 3-4 µm broad

    Cystocarps embedded, scattered all over the thallus, subspherical, 100-160 µm in diameter with prominent ostiole; carpospores rounded polyhedral, 8-17 µm diameter

Distribution in India

Madras (Boergesen 1938; Balakrishnan 1949); Mahabalipuram (Seven pagodas) (Srinivasan 1946); Cape Comorian (Subbaramaiah 1969); Goa (Pereira & Almeida 2014); Karnataka (Yadav & Palanisamy 2020), Andhra Pradesh (Rao and Gupta 2015).