Gracilaria salicornia (C.Agardh) E.Y.Dawson 1954

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Gracilariales
Family    Gracilariaceae
Basionym     Sphaerococcus salicornia C.Agardh
SynonymCorallopsis Salicornia (C.Agardh) Greville; Corallopsis dichotoma Ruprecht; Corallopsis cacalia J.Agardh; Corallopsis opuntia J.Agardh; Corallopsis concrescens Reinbold; Gracilaria cacalia (J.Agardh) E.Y.Dawson

    Thallus highly segmented, solid, brittle, cylindrical to compressed branches, varies in colour from bright yellow at the tips to orange, green or brown at the base. Thallus often prostrate and overlapping, with lateral branches running along substrate, spreading in mats to 30 cm or broader, thallus attached by inconspicuous discoid holdfast and occasional secondary attachments. Thallus cylindrical, 25-40cm height and 3-6mm width and dichotomously branched with constrictions at the base of each dichotomy. Axis of the branch are 3-20cm long and 1-2mm board, irregular branching is observed. Cortex 1-2 layered cells, 4-6, basal hair cells common; medullary cells relatively small. Cystocarps globose, constricted at base, 1.4 - 1.8 mm diameter, pericarp cells in relatively straight anticlinal rows of oval to rounded cells. Tertrasporangia scattered over surface.


Attached on the tide pools and on reef flats, and to limestone deposited stones

Distribution in India

Karnataka; Anaipar Island, Arasaneripattinam, Kottaipattinam, Ponnagaram, Thondi (Tamil Nadu), Gujarat