Gracilaria corticata var. cylindrica Umamaheswara Rao 1974

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Gracilariales
Family    Gracilariaceae

    Thalli dark red to yellowish-red; 5-10 cm long, more rigid, tufted, cartilaginous, epilithic. Holdfast small, discoidal, variegated spots on fronds; fronds dichotomous, flattened below and gradually become cylindrical to upwards, up to 15 cm long and 0.5 - 3 cm wide, alternately or irregularly dichotomously branched; margin entire, apex acute, cystocarp globose, scattered over the thallus.


Lithophytic, Rocks and other hard substratum

Distribution in India

Velankanni nagar, Seeniyappadharga, Kanchirankudi, Ervadi, Valinokkam, Manapad, Kanyakumari, Kovalam and Gulf of Mannar