Gelidium micropterum Kützing 1868

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Gelidiales
Family    Gelidiaceae
SynonymGelidium concinnum Baardseth, Gelidium regulare Baardseth

    Thalli dark red in colour up to 7 cm height occurs as tufts or patches. Fronds cartilaginous, flattened, 0.5 to 2 mm broad; apices blunt with prominent notches. Thalli bi or tripinnate branched or sometimes irregular. Cross section of the thalli show small more or less spherical cortical cells measures 8-16 µm in diameter and gradually increases into larger medullary cells, rhizines restricted to central medulla. Tetrasporangia superficial and scattered all over the surface of the fertile branch (stichidia); zxxtetrasporangia ovoid to subspherical, 28-36 µm diameter

Distribution in India

Bombay, Malabar Hill and Back Bay, (Boergesen 1934a, 1935); Karwar, Bengi Bay (Boergesen 1937a); Malvan (Dixit 1940); Cape Comorian (Boergesen 1938a); Cape Comorin, Quilon, Veraval (Rao 1970).