Botryocladia leptopoda (J. Agardh) Kylin 1931

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Rhodymeniales
Family    Rhodymeniaceae
Basionym     Chrysymenia uvaria var. leptopoda J.Agardh 1876
SynonymChrysymenia leptopoda (J.Agardh) Weber Bosse 1928

    Thalli erect, main axis thick, cylindrical and densely branched; branching irregularly dichotomous; thalli grow up to 60 cm hight and 2-2.5 mm thick. Cross section of axis with a central tissue of large cell, 49-137 µm diameter, surrounded by a cortex of small cells, 3-7 µm diameter; vesicles small, subspherical and minutely stalked; 1-5 mm (usually 1-2 mm) in diameter, vesicles wall 50-60 um thick, gland cells spherical, solitary on large cells of the innermost layer, very rarely two or three on each cell.



Distribution in India

Dwarka (Boergesen, 1931, 1934); Cape Comorin (Boergesen, 1937); Krusadai Island.