Amphiroa anceps (Lamarck) Decaisne 1842

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Corallinales
Family    Lithophyllaceae
Basionym     Corallina anceps Lamarck
SynonymAmphiroa dilatata Lamouroux; Galaxaura versicolor Sonder; Amphiroa galaxauroides Sonder

    Thalli cluster, hemispherical, stiff and brittle, pinkish red in colour measures 3-5cm in height; thalli attachment by a stoloniferous holdfast. Thalli dichotomous branched, intergenicula radially placed in various planes, straight, calcified; branching angles less, and closely packed branches, contiguous at the basis of the thallus. Intergenicula cylindrical, smooth, diameter uniform throughout, 240-760 mm in diameter, 4-11 mm long; genicula uncalcified, small and not obvious.


On horizontal, slightly sand-covered rock substrate close to low water mark along rather sheltered coasts.

Distribution in India

Cape Comorian (Ganesan, 1967; Krishnamurthy & Joshi, 1970); Tamil Nadu (Rama Rao, et al., 1993); Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Silva et al., 1996); Karnataka (Yadav & Palanisamy 2020).