Acanthophora nayadiformis (Delile) Papenfuss 1968

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Ceramiales
Family    Rhodomelaceae
Basionym     Fucus nayadiformis Delile
SynonymAcanthophora delilei J.V.Lamouroux; Chondria delilei C.Agardh; Acanthophora delilei Greville.

    Thalli bushy, yellowish-brown to greenish-brown, cartilaginous, erect grows up to 25 cm height and main axes 0.8-1.6 mm broad. Thalli exhibits extensive prostrate axes with irregularly branched rhizoids, deep brownish-red in colour. Erect system consists of many main axes with indeterminate branches branched up to three orders. The main axis branches covered sparingly with spines; spines pointing upwards; short branches (ramuli) with solitary spines; Cross section, axial cell surrounded by 5 pericentral cells bounded outside by large thin-walled cells of the becoming small celled towards the surface, growing apex conical and often sunk in an apical depression. Cystocarps urn-shaped, borne on ultimate ramuli, 950-1200µm.



Distribution in India

Nalupanai, Villoonditheeertham, Velankanni Nagar, Seeniappadharga Nochiurani, Chinnamuttam, Van Island, Koswari Island, Keelakarai, Tamil Nadu; Port Okha, Gujarat; Malabar Hill, Bombay.