Turbinaria decurrens Bony de St Vincent 1828

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Fucales
Family    Sargassaceae

    Thalli erect, extremely rigid, dark to yellowish brown, 10-20 cm long. Thalli attached by a discoidal holdfast, hidden by the dense, branched stolons, 1.5 -3 mm thick. Main axis unbranched and basal region densely covered by remnant of lateral branches and above, laterals densely and compactly arranged. Lateral fleshy blades spirally placed on the axis, resulting in 5 well-separated vertical rows; leaves 11–17 mm long, obpyramidal in lateral view, obtriangular in surface view (sometimes slightly emarginated along the upper margin), 9–17 mm in diameter. Stipe of blade triangular in transverse section; ribs of blade stipe as well as margin of obtriangular surface finely toothed; small air vesicle completely embedded in blade.

    Receptacles compact, on the adaxial side of “leaves’, racemose, and branched 2-3 times. Receptacles 4-10 mm long and 1 – 2 mm broad.



Distribution in India

Lakshadweep, Andaman Islands.