Turbinaria conoides (J.Ag) Kutzing 1860

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Fucales
Family    Sargassaceae
Basionym     Turbinaria vulgaris var. conoides J.Agardh

    Thalli erect, yellowish brown to dark brown in colour and attached by means of dichotomously branched rhizoidal holdfast. Thalli 45 cm tall and sparingly branched. Holdfast produces 2-7 primary axes. Branches arranged alternately, 17 cm long. ‘Stem’ cylindrical to sub-triangular, glabrous and 2-5mm in broad. ‘Leaves’ leathery, cordate or triangular with dentate margins borne on long cylindrical to triangular. Leaves alternately spiral and compactly arranged at the apical region. Leaves measures 0.4 – 1.2 cm long and 0.6 – 1.5 cm broad.

    Thalli monoecious, receptacles bisexual and conceptacles unisexual. Receptacles repeatedly dichotomously branched arising from the adaxial side of the axis of ‘leaves’. Receptacles 5-13 mm long and 1 – 2 mm broad.

Distribution in India

Travancore (Kerala), Pudumadam, Mandapam, Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram Island, Krusadai Island, Cape Comorin (Tamil Nadu).