Sargassum tenerrimum J.Agardh 1848

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Fucales
Family    Sargassaceae
SynonymCarpacanthus tenerrimus (J.Agardh) G.Martens

    Thalli attached by discoid holdfast, stipe cylindrical, up to 1 cm in length; primary branches normally up to 30 cm; occasionally up to 130 cm height; cylindrical, bearing secondary branches up to 10 cm height. Leaf linear lanceolate to oblong obtuse; asymmetrical leaf base; leaves very thin and narrow with serrate or minutely denticulate margin; apex truncate with 2-3 teeth. Leaves varying in length from 3 to 6 cm and in breadth from 5mm to 11mm, costate not very prominent.

    Cryptostomata indistinct, petiole short, 1-2 mm in length; with small serrate wings. Vesicle spherical, apiculate measures 3-5 mm in diameter, apex with leafy appendage, petiolate 1-2 mm long. Receptacles arising from the petioles of leaves or vesicles, simple or sparsely branched; 4-12 mm long, verrucose or triquetrous with serrate margins, one branch prolonged into a leaflet and other into a receptacle and froked; entire at the base and sharply toothed at the apex; androgynous.

Distribution in India

Dwaraka, Porbandar, Bombay (Malabar Hill), Cannanore, Thirumullavaram (Kerala), Tamil Nadu