Padina glabra Gaillard 1966

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Dictyotales
Family    Dictyotaceae

    Thalli light to dark brown in colour and 10-12 cm in height. Thalli divided into individual segments measures 2-3 cm in width. Calcification is lacking (non-calcified – on both surface of the thallus). In cross sectional view blades consist of 3 to 4 layers of square to rectangular cells. Thalli with three layers shows upper surface and lower surface of cells measure 48-62 µm long, 24-30 µm broad and middle layer of cells, 45- 56 µm long. Thallus with 4 cell layers shows two middle layer and cells measures of 23-30µm high.

    Tetrasporangia present on the upper surface of the blade but less frequently on the lower surface. Sporangial sori lack indusia and hairs. Sometime proximal sori contain plantules (direct germination of the tetrasporangial mother cells) arranged as a pair of closely placed concentric rows. Size of the plantules shows a gradual increase towards the base of the blade.

Distribution in India

Thirumullavaram (Kerala), Tamil Nadu