Hydroclathrus clathratus (C.Agardh) M.Howe 1920

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Ectocarpales
Family    Scytosiphonaceae
Basionym     Encoelium clathratum C.Agardh
SynonymStilophora clathrata (C.Agardh) C.Agardh; Asperococcus clathratus (C.Agardh) J.Agardh; Hydroclathrus cancellatus Bory; Asperococcus cancellatus (Bory) Sonder

    Thalli medium to dark brown, globular to pulvinate, hollow, perforated to various degrees, old thalli becoming irregularly lobed and expanded into reticulate nature; thalli measure about 16 cm across. Thalli attached by means of diffused, rhizoidal holdfast. Internal structure of thallus shows a superficial layer (cortex) of small cells measure 6-11 µm diameter and medulla consists of 3-6 layers of large, rounded cells. Thallus margins involuted and becoming attached by short rhizoidal extensions from the cortical cells, hairs in tufts and scattered.


Epiphytic and lithophytic alga.

Distribution in India

Dwarka (Gujarat); Lakshadweep Islands; Bombay (Maharashtra); Krusadai Islands, Mandapam, Kilakkarai, Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu).