Hincksia terminalis (V.Krishnamurthy & M.Baluswami ) Silva

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Ectocarpales
Family    Acinetosporaceae
Basionym     Griffordia terminalis Krishnamurthy & Baluswami

    Thallus dark to pale brown in colour, sparsely or densely branched and 1.5 -2 cm high. Thallus attached to substratum by means of descending, uniseriate, branched rhizoids. Rhizoidal cell colourless, 55-81 µm long and 112-20 µm broad. Filaments branched alternately or sub-dichotomously, branches gradually tapper at the apex. Cells cylindrical to discoid; cells constricted at the cross wall, cells 26-51 µm long 12- 23 µm broad; Cells with numerous discoid or slightly elongated chromatophores.

    Plurilocular sporangia borne terminally on short lateral branches. Number of cells in the branches vary from 2-4, rarely one cell. Sporangium lateral and sessile. Sporangium long, spindle shaped 65- 155 µm long and 13-39 µm broad. Sporangium 2-4 rows of locules and measure 2- 7 µm broad.



Distribution in India

Andaman Islands.