Hincksia andamanensis (V.Krishnamurthy and M.Baluswami ) P.C. Silva

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Ectocarpales
Family    Acinetosporaceae
Basionym     Griffordia andamanensis V.Krishnamurthy and M.Baluswami

    Thallus tufts of densely intricate, uniseriate filaments, yellowish brown in colour, 1-2 cm high. Thallus attached by means of irregularly branched rhizoids. Erect filaments profusely branched, branches unilateral at the apex with slightly tapering cell. Thallus shows diffuse growth with no distinct zone of dividing cells. Cells cylindrical to barrel shaped with numerous discoid plastids, 19-45 µm long and 15 – 21µm broad. Plurilocular sporangia sessile rarely one celled stalk, Sporangia cylindrical, somewhat fusiform, slightly curved with obtuse apex, produced singly or in series of 2–4 or more on the inner side of the branch, 90- 275 µm long and 24 – 31µm broad. Loculi in two to 4 rows per sporangium, 4-10 µm across.



Distribution in India

Andaman Islands.