Dictyopteris delicatula J.V.Lamouroux 1809

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Dictyotales
Family    Dictyotaceae
SynonymHaliseris delicatula (J.V.Lamouroux) C.Agardh; Polyzonia divaricata P.Crouan & H.Crouan; Dictyopteris hauckiana Möbius; Haliseris hauckiana (Möbius) De Toni & Okamura

    Thalli epiphytic and on rocky substrata. Thallus small, light brown in colour, 3-6 cm in height, attached to the substratum by rhizoidal small disc. Thallus usually sprawling at the base and only distally erect at upper portion; thallus branched dichotomously to irregular with rounded apices. Branches up to 4.5mm wide, forking at the interval of 5-10 mm, margin entire, more or less wavy, margin with prominent rib. Thallus composed of 4 to 7 layers of cells in the midrib region, the lamina shows 2 layers of cells and the margins of the lamina (rib) composed of 4 to 6 layers of cells.

    Cells of the midrib region is small, thick walled, quadrate to rounded, 15-30 µm large. The surface cells in the midrib and lamina are large and thin walled, more or less rectangular, 40-70 µm long and 30-45 µm broad. Cells in marginal rib is small, thick-walled cells similar to midrib and measure 15-28 µm. Hairs arranged in groups, reproductive bodies irregularly scattered and occurring on both the surface of the thallus.


Thalli epiphytic or lithophytic and growing in deeper pools of the lower mid-littoral region.

Distribution in India

Andaman Islands; Laccadive-Maldive; Chinna Muttam, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Thiruchendur, Pamban Idinthakarai, (Tamil Nadu); Gujarat (Untawale et al., 1983).