Chnoospora bicanaliculata V. Krishnamurthy & Thomas 1977

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Phaeophyceae
Order     Ectocarpales
Family    Scytosiphonaceae

    Thalli light – dark brown in colour, grows up to 15 cm height; stipe long subcylindrical to triquetrous at the base and gradually above, branches flattened, clustered with two well defined grooves in the two flat sides; paraphyses in linear rows in the groove; surface small, 5-11 µm across; cortical cells 11-16 µm medullary cells 35-52 µm; plurilocular gametangia in extensive sori on the grooves, consisting of a single or two linear series of about eight to ten loculi, 4-8 µm in diameter.


Lithophytic, intertidal to sub-tidal.

Distribution in India

Lakshadweep Islands, (Mandapam, Kovalam (Kanyakumari), Chinna Muttam) Tamil Nadu.