Valoniopsis pachynema (G.Martens) Borgesen 1934

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Cladophorales
Family    Valoniaceae
Basionym     Bryopsis pachynema G.Martens
SynonymValonia pachynema (G.Martens) Weber Bosse

    Thalli dark to light green, dense, firm and forming hemispherical cushions measures 2-4 cm thick. Thallus attached to the substratum by means of septate, branched or unbranched rhizoids with hapteroid bases. Thallus composed of cylindrical, interwoven branched filaments. Filaments curved, irregularly ramified; ramuli sometimes unilateral, digitate or irregularly clusters. Apex of the branches bent down and forms septate like rhizoids, filaments measures 600 to 1000 μm thick.

Distribution in India

Dwaraka, Okha Port (Gujarat) (Boergesen, 1934), Krusadai Island (Tamil Nadu), Andaman Islands.