Ulva lactuca Linnaeus 1753

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Ulvales
Family    Ulvaceae
SynonymUlva fasciata Delile; Ulva lactucaefolia S.F.Gray; Ulva lactuca f. fasciata (Delile) Hering; Ulva lobata (Kützing) Harvey; Phycoseris fasciata (Delile) Montagne; Ulva crassa Kjellman; Ulva tenera Kornmann & Sahling

    Thalli attached to the substratum by small circular disc; lamina up to 40 cm, sometimes longer, up to 1 meter, 10-14 cm wide, deeply divided into several more or less distinct, linear lobes, 1-3 cm wide, frequently with undulate margins, 110-115 µm in thickness in basal portions and 70-90 µm in upper portions. Cells in surface view polygonal, uniformly about 20 µm across; in section, palisade-like, 40 µm in height and 9.9-16 µm broad, 9 µm apart, enclosed within a cuticle 3.2 µm thick.

    Taxonomic notes (Reproduced from Algaebase -M.D. Guiry)

Distribution in India

Indian Ocean (De Toni, 1889); Dwarka, Gopnath, Okha, Porbandar, Shivrajpur, Veraval (Gujarat) (Krishnamurthy and Joshi, 1969), Trivandrum (Kerala), Cape Comorian (Tamil Nadu) (Taylor, 1966).