Neomeris annulata Dickie 1874

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Dasycladales
Family    Dasycladaceae
SynonymNeomeris kelleri Cramer 1887

    Plants cylindrical to subcylindrical, unbranched with acute apex. Thalli bright green at apex and calcified whitish basal portions, solitary, often densely gregarious, 1 – 2.5 cm height. Primary branches in successive verticil from 30-50; primary branches 220-350 µm long and 15-30 µm in diameter; secondary branches 300-420 µm long, the ends dilated ends of secondary branches of all verticils closely packed to form a continuous surface layer which appears cellular, each facet acquiring a pentagonal or hexagonal shape due to compression by other facets. Hairs 700-850 µm long, deciduous; gametangia ovate to oblong, with a distinct stalk produced at terminal end of primary branch, between the secondary branches cemented together by a calcareous sheath, 160-280 µm long and 60-132 µm broad; each gametangium producing single cyst.


Lithophytic or on dead corals covered with coarse sand in tide pools.

Distribution in India

Gujarat; Krusadai Islands, Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu).