Codium geppiorum O.C.Schmidt 1923

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Bryopsidales
Family    Codiaceae
SynonymCodium divaricatum A.Gepp & E.Gepp; Codium bulbopilum Setchell; Codium taitense Setchell

    Thallus repent, partly decumbent, spongy, lubricous, Olive to dark green in colour. Branching dense, regularly dichotomous near the base, sub-dichotomous above or sometimes trichotomous, frequently anastomosing to adjacent branches about 10 cm diameter, thallus attached to the substratum by means of indiscriminately placed rhizoids. Branches terete to subterete, narrow, 2–4mm diameter, divaricate, intertwining. Thallus shows individual Utricles; these clavate, elongate pyriform or (sub) cylindrical; mature utricles measure 490–800 μm long, 130–240 μm diameter; apices broadly rounded to truncate; utricle wall 2-3 μm thick, without any ornamentation. Medullary filaments mostly 13–34 μm diameter; hairs or hair scars in small numbers, borne in the zone just below the apex

Distribution in India

Andaman Islands; Tamil Nadu (Kanyakumari).