Chaetomorpha antennina (Bory) Kützing 1847

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Cladophorales
Family    Cladophoraceae
Basionym     Conferva antennina Bory
SynonymConferva media C. Agardh; Chaetomorpha media (C.Agardh) Kützing; Chaetomorphopsis pacifica H.L.Lyon

    Thalli erect, tuft and rigid filaments grow up to 6 cm height. Thalli dark green unbranched and attached to substratum with the help of elongated rhizoidal basal cell. Basal cell 170-233 µm wide at base, 470-700 µm at apex, up to 5 mm in length; other cells cylindrical measure 490-730 µm in wide, equal to or one and half times as much in length. Thalli show annular constrictions and thick walled cell measure 38-90µm.

Distribution in India

Indian Ocean (De Toni, 1889, Srinivasan, 1959); Visakhapatanam (Umamaheswara Rao and Sreeramulu, 1964); Okha port. Dwaraka (Boergesen, 1934); Andrapradesh (Subha Rao et al, 1985); Cape comorin (Sobha et al, 1985), Mahabalipuram, Madapam (Tamil Nadu)..