Boergesenia forbesii (Harvey) Feldmann 1938

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvaphyceae
Order     Cladophorales
Family    Siphonocladaceae
Basionym     Valonia forbesii Harvey
SynonymPseudovalonia forbesii (Harvey) Iyengar

    Thalli bright light green, mostly gregarious, radially arranged, more rarely solitary, Thalli attached by small discoid holdfast but clustered cells connected with each other by a septate stoloniferous rhizoidal system. Thalli composed of a single, inflated, club-shaped and curved cell, 2.5-5 cm long, 8-16 mm in diameter. Thallus shows basal annular constrictions.


Epilithic in the mid-intertidal exposed during low tide. Laxmanpu Beach n.2, Neil Islands.

Distribution in India

Tuticorin, Pamban, Krusadii Island, Palk Bay (Tamil Nadu), Porbandar, Veraval, (Gujarat).