Avrainvillea erecta (Berkeley) A. Gepp & E.S. Gepp 1911

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Ulvophyceae
Order     Bryopsidales
Family    Dichotomosiphonaceae
Basionym     Dichonema erectum Berkeley
SynonymUdotea sordida Montagne; Chloroplegma papuanum Zanardini; Rhipilia andersonii G.Murray; Avrainvillea papuana (Zanardini) G.Murray & Boodle

    Thalli dark green, generally solitary, blades erect, spongy, flabellate and flat, 3–7 cm high and 5–9 cm wide. Thallus mostly borne singly on a short, stout, unbranched stipe, 4–13 mm long and 3–8 mm in wide, arising from a bulbous holdfast, 2-6 cm long, sunk in the sandy substrate, but occasionally thallus shows several blades radially arranged on the stipe, centrally anatomizing. Blade composed of loosely intricate siphons deeply constricted at the base. Siphons 25–60 µm in diameter, branched dichotomously with rounded apices.


Occurs on sand or sand-covered substratum.

Distribution in India

Rameswaram, Krusadai Island (Tamil Nadu), Okha (Gujarat), Andaman Islands.