Sirodotia iyengarii Baluswami & Babu 1999

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Batrachospermales
Family    Batrachospermaceae

    Thalli dark brown, up to 4 cm in height, attached to the substratum by rhizoids. Branching alternate or irregular, Apical cells discoid to oblong 6-13 µm in length and 5-11 µm in width. Axial thread formed of linearly arranged cells, measuring 105-190 µm in length and 30-65 µm in width. Each of the axial bears six peripheral cells in a whorled fashion. Each peripheral cell form 2-3 primary laterals; dichotomously branched up to 3 order, 4-7 elliptical cells in height; cell 7-21 µm in length and 4-10 µm in breadth. Primary laterals formed from each node produce glomerules, 100- 176 µm in diameter. Basal cells produce corticating threads that cover axial thread completely (up to 3 layers); cells 9- 50 um in length and 5-11 µm in width. Secondary laterals produced by corticating threads. Secondary laterals dichotomously branched twice; cells elliptical, 2-5 measures 4-7 µm in width and 6- 18 µm in height.

    Thalli monoecious, spermatangia borne on both primary and secondary laterals; in clusters of up to 3, terminal or lateral in position. Spermatangia spherical up to 7 µm in diameter. Two to three carpogonial branches formed from peripheral cells of each node; also formed from basal cells of the secondary laterals.


Freshwater alga, lithophytic, submerged under swiftly flowing water.

Distribution in India

Nilambur hill stream, Malappuram, Kerala.