Kumanoa umamaheswararaoi (Baluswami & Babu) Ganesan & West 2013

Division     Rhodophyta
Class     Florideophyceae
Order     Batrachospermales
Family    Batrachospermaceae
Basionym     Batrachospermum umamaheswararaoi Baluswami & Babu

    Thalli up to 8 cm in height, bluish green in colour, glomerules distinct with poorly developed primary laterals, measuring 197-395 µmin diameter. Apical cells 4-9 µm in length and 3-5 µm in width. Axial cells measure 360-715 µm in length and 36-94 µm in width, each axial cell bears 6 peripheral cells, each form one or two primary laterals. Primary laterals up to 10 cells in height; branching up to 3(4) order with deciduous hair bearing distal cells. Cells of primary lateral ellipsoidal, 14-33 µm in length and 3- 7 µm in width. Peripheral cells produce corticating threads towards mature region; corticating cells 12-82 µm in length and 4-6 µm in width. Secondary laterals few and up to 10 cells in height and branched up to 2 (3) order formed from corticating threads. Secondary lateral cells 7-28 µm in length and 3-6 µm in width.

    Filaments monoecious; spermatangia spherical, clusters of 2-5 and measure 3-6 µm in diameter, terminal on distal cells or lateral on subterminal cells, formed on primary or secondary laterals.


Epiphytic on aquatic grasses.

Distribution in India

Manimangalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.