Ophiocytium arbuscula (Braun & Kützing) Sande Lacoste & Suringar 1861

Division     Ochrophyta
Class     Xanthophyceae
Order     Mischococcales
Family    Ophiocytiaceae
Basionym     Sciadium arbuscula A.Braun & Kützing
SynonymOphiocytium cochleare var. arbuscula (Braun & Kützing) Playfair

    Cells long cylindrical straight or slightly curved with thick cell wall; cells with truncate or bluntly rounded apices; plastids parietal, 2-4 in numbers. Several cells attached on short to medium cylindrical stipe as a corymbose arrangement. Cells 42-58 μm long and 4-7 μm.


Epiphytic on other filamentous algae or vascular plants in ponds and Lakes.