Phacus salinus (Fritsch) Linton & Karnkowska 2010

Division     Euglenophyta
Class     Euglenophyceae
Order     Euglenales
Family    Phacaceae
Basionym     Lepocinclis salina F.E. Fritsch, 1914
SynonymEuglena texta var. salina (Fritsch) Popova; Euglena salina (Fritsch) Skvortsov & M.Noda; Lepocinclis texta var. minor Roll; Lepocinclis texta var. salina (Fritsch) Popova

    Cells ellipsoid to ovoid, both ends broadly rounded with pharyngeal opening slightly towards one side; cells 31-48 µm long and 22-31 µm broad. Pellicle thick with spiral striation, 6-8 in 10µm. Plastids discoid and numerous; paramylum body small and granular to rod like and numerous. The anterior end show large disc shaped eye-spot.