Phacus orbicularis Hübner 1886

Division     Euglenophyta
Class     Euglenophyceae
Order     Euglenales
Family    Phacaceae
SynonymPhacus orbicularis var. undulatus Skvortsov; Phacus pleuronectes var. australis Playfair; Phacus platalea Drezepolski; Phacus ovoidea Roll; Phacus zingeri Roll; Phacus orbicularis<.i> var. caudatus Skvortsov; Phacus pleuronectes var. marginatus Skvortsov; Phacus heimii Lefèvre; Phacus orbicularis var. cingeri (Roll) Svirenko; Phacus undulatus (Skvortsov) Pochmann; Phacus thrombus Pochmann; Phacus orbicularis f. communis Popova.

    Cells slightly circular; posterior end with short tail and slightly bent or sometimes more or less curved; cells measure 54-63µm long and 39-47µm broad. Pellicle shows longitudinal and transverse striae; apical furrow extended up to the middle or nearly the posterior end; paramylum bodies two, one large and placed centrally and the other small one overlapping the former eccentrically.