Phacus longicauda (Ehrenberg) Dujardin, 1841

Division     Euglenophyta
Class     Euglenophyceae
Order     Euglenales
Family    Phacaceae
Basionym     Euglena longicauda Ehrenberg
SynonymPhacus longicauda var. major Swirenko; Phacus longicauda var. insectus Koczwara; Phacus longicauda subsp. maior (Svirenko) Pochmann; Phacus longicauda var. madagassicus (Pochmann) Huber-Pestalozzi

    Cells obovate to cordate with markedly flattened; cell usually with entire margins; 45-58 µm long and 39-48 µm broad. Anterior end broadly rounded with tapering towards the posterior end with long straight or distinctly curved tail, 46-65 µm long. Pellicle striated longitudinally and converged towards the ends; paramylum discs and 1-2 in numbers.