Monomorphina pyrum (Ehrenberg) Mereschkowsky 1877

Division     Euglenophyta
Class     Euglenophyceae
Order     Euglenales
Family    Euglenaceae
SynonymEuglena pyrum Ehrenberg, Phacus pyrum (Ehrenberg) W. Archer, Phacus pyrum var. ovatus Playfair, Phacus pyrum var. rudiculus Playfair, Phacus inconspicuus Deflandre, Lepocinclis ovata (Playfair) Conrad Phacus pyrum f. pulcherrimum Conrad

    Cell elongate, pear shaped measures 34-38 µm long and 13.5- 15.5 µm broad. Cells asymmetrical with a straight or slightly oblique tail; anterior end slightly narrowed and rounded with the periplast an apical notch; pellicle with ribs running to the left; paramylum two, disc-shaped and parietal; chromatophores small, discoid; pyrenoids usually absent