Lepocinclis buetschlii Lemmermann 1901

Division     Euglenophyta
Class     Euglenophyceae
Order     Euglenales
Family    Phacaceae
SynonymCrumenula buetschlii (Lemmermann) Da Cunha; Lepocinclis ovum var. buetschlii (Lemmermann) Conrad

    Cells elongate to ellipsoidal, 33-39 μm long and 16-21 μm; pellicle yellowish brown in colour; pellicle with spiral thickening. Anterior end rounded with apical canal opening, posterior end with long, straight, conical tail measures 4-8 μm long, sometimes with thickening at the base. Chloroplasts numerous, discoid, pyrenoid absent; paramylum 1-2, annular, curved, approximately spherical.