Willea crucifera (Wolle) John, Wynne & Tsarenko 2014

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Trebouxiophyceae
Order     Chlorellales
Family    Oocystaceae
Basionym     Staurogenia crucifera Wolle
SynonymCrucigenia crucifera (Wolle) O.Kuntze; Crucigeniella crucifera (Wolle) Komárek

    Colonies 4 celled or often joined together in multiple colonies of 16 or more cells. Cells rhomboidal with slightly concave sides and cells arranged to form a small rectangular space at the center. Cells elongated with the outer side concave and the inner side straight or slightly convex. Cells measure 5-10 μm in length and 3-6 μm in breadth. Four celled colonies measure 15-24 μm in length and 12-21 in μm breadth.


Freshwater alga occurs in slightly acidic and slightly alkaline water bodies.