Pteromonas aculeata Lemmermann 1900

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Chlorophyceae
Order     Chlamydomonadales
Family    Phacotaceae
SynonymPteromonas danubialis Hortobágyi

    Loricae (cell envelope) quadrate to rectangular with short projecting wings at the corner of the cell. Posterior end and lateral margins irregularly undulate to crenulated or rarely spinous or straight. In side view ellipsoid with angular sides and in vertical view six-sided, fusiform and slightly sigmoid. Cells flattened and pear shaped with two equal flagella and a cup-shaped chloroplast. Cell measures 25-31 μm long and 18-24 μm broad, Lorica 3-6 μm thick.


Freshwater Planktonic alga prefers mesotrophic to eutrophic water bodies