Monactinus simplex Meyen 1829

Division     Chlorophyta
Class     Chlorophyceae
Order     Sphaeropleales
Family    Hydrodictyaceae
SynonymPediastrum clathratum (Schröder) Lemmermann. Pediastrum simplex var. radians Lemmermann. Pediastrum enoplon W. et G.S.West. Pediastrum simplex var. duodenarium (Bailey) Rabenhorst. Pediastrum simplex var. granulatum Lemmermann

    Colonies circular to ellipsoid, consists of 4 to 32, rarely larger colonies with 64 or 128 cells. Colonies exhibits large perforations and various in shape. Inner cells Y-shaped, triangular to trapezoid in shape; outer cells T to Y shaped mature colonies with slender triangular cells, outer cells with a single long horn-like process with a tuft of long bristles. Cell walls granulate sometimes smooth, outer cells 18-65 μm long, 8-30 μm in diameter.


Free floating colonies occur in oligo to mesotrophic water bodies.