Sphaerozosma laeve (Nordstedt) Thomasson 1957

Division     Charophyta
Class     Zygnematophyceae
Order     Desmidiales
Family    Desmidiaceae
Basionym     Onychonema laeve Nordstedt

    Thalli flat filamentous formed by attachment of cells at the center of their apex and spiny projections extending over the adjoining cell. Cells deeply constricted at the center, isthmus 6-9 μm. Semicells elongated ellipsoidal or broad hexagonal reniform, two short spines fromed both sides and directing inward. Apexes flat with two long projections to connect with neighboring cell. Cell measures 16-24 μm in length, 18-27 μm in breadth.


Freshwater plankton prefers oligotrophic to mesotrophica and acidic waters bodies.