Micrasterias foliacea Bailey ex Ralfs 1848

Division     Charophyta
Class     Zygnematophyceae
Order     Desmidiales
Family    Desmidiaceae

    Cells medium size occurs as a single cell or polar lobes join to form filaments, cells rectangular or as long as broad measures 73-90 µm in length and 65-79 µm in breadth. Cells deeply constricted at the center; sinus long and linear, isthmus 13-17 µm. Polar lobes distinct, basal part with short erect parallel sides, upper part widely expended to anvil and oval shaped. Broad rectangular to sub-rectangular structures in the middle of the apex and polar lobes show a pair of teeth at the apex. Lateral lobe divides up to third order and dissimilar; finely punctated cell wall. Semicell narrowly fusiform in vertical view.


Freshwater alga prefers oligo-mesotrophic, neutral-alkaline water bodies.