Cosmarium impressulum Elfving 1881

Division     Charophyta
Class     Zygnematophyceae
Order     Desmidiales
Family    Desmidiaceae
SynonymEuastrum impressulum (Elving) F.Gay; Cosmarium meneghinii f. latiusculum Jacobsen; Cosmarium meneghinii f. reinschii Istvanfy; Cosmarium impressulum f. minus Manguin

    Cells small sized, 1 1/2 times longer than wide, cells measure 15–22 µm length and 11–14 µm width. Cells deeply constricted at the center and linearly closed sinus with round ends, isthmus 3–5.5 µm. Semicell elliptical or circular and lateral margins shows 8 undulations, 2 undulations at the apex. Semicells elliptical in both lateral and vertical views.


Thalli collected as plankton from Pond at Marunthuvazh Malai Temple, Agastheeswaram Taluk; Pond at Chemmuthal-Thodakulam, Thalakanvillai-Kasiparai Pond, Canal at Mathicode Palam, Vilavancode Taluk.