Cosmarium decoratum West & G.S.West 1895

Division     Charophyta
Class     Zygnematophyceae
Order     Desmidiales
Family    Desmidiaceae

    Cells large, about1.3-1.6 times longer than broad, cell deeply constricted, sinus narrowly linear, a slightly dilated extremity. semicells shows rounded basal and apical angles; convex lateral margins with truncate apex. Cells 74-102 µm in length; 48-59 µm in width; isthmus, 19-28 µm. Cell wall uniformly granulated, hexagonally arranged series of dense granules, arranged in rows of vertical and horizontal planes; in top view of semicell elliptic.


Thalli collected as planktons from Oligo- mesotrophic water bodies.

Distribution in India

Andaman & Nicobar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Kerala, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu.